Hi all! Just decided to drop in and update you all on my next one (if anyone is interested). It's going well, currently at 14k words. It's like We're In This Together on the fact that it's not going as I planned it... But, I like it a lot so far!

It's ChanHo again, with KhunYoung as sidepair (it will prob be TaecSu too but they haven't even arrived in the fic yet) . This time KhunYoung play a bigger role though. It's AU and placed in a world that is very much like Earth but still not. Junho is an Empath and Chansung... is hard to explain without spoiling too much so I will skip him~ Khun is a prince and Wooyoung is his servant. That is how I planned! Except Chansung goes and dies in the first chapter and... it becomes weird from there. He doesn't stay dead for long, but he wasn't supposed to die at all... *kicks him* So, yeah. It's weird. It feels like it will be longer than my other fic, but who knows, my brain likes changing things without asking me for permission. I wish I could say more, but not only will it spoil too much but I have no idea if I will keep it or not in the future. After this month comes the editing = rewrite = skip and add stuff = story might change... completely.

I'm ranting... Erm, see you soon all! I hope you like the details (which aren't much~)